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There are 6 core building blocks of success that every small business needs in order to be successful today with regards to marketing. Let’s break them down!

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Block #1 – You need a solid foundation – You need a platform that allows you to do everything you need to manage and grow your business from a single platform. Such things include: payments, website, CRM, email automation, listing management, marketing tools, Etc.

Block #2 – You need a talented team – You need a dedicated marketing team to help you grow your business. Such talent includes a marketing executive, creative team (designer, video pro, etc) reputation manager, social media manager, social manager, ad manager, etc.

Block #3 – You need a trustworthy reputation – You must have a strong reputation to compete today. To do it right, you need a dedicated reputation manager who’s responsible for capturing new good reviews, improving your overall ratings across all your industries relevant review sites, monitoring and responding to reviews, boosting trust, suppressing fake reviews and more.

Block #4 – You need consistent content marketing & SEO – You must invest in continual high quality written, visual and video content creation. You need a talented content marketer who’s responsible for SEO, conversion rate optimization, landing page creation and awesomization, creating infographics, videos, blog articles, press releases and more. All this content is key to fueling your social media content and ad campaigns.

Block #5 – You need a strong social media presence – Social proof is a key part of the buying process these days, so a strong social media presence is essential. You need a talented social marketer who’s responsible for social post content curation and creation, strategy and research, post scheduling, social monitoring, commenting and engagement, boosting and promotion campaigns, the list goes on.

Block #6 – You need high visibility with multi-channel advertising – You can’t control where people spend their time, but you can control if you’re there. Multi-channel advertising gets you in front of people no matter where they spend their time which increases your brand awareness and growth. When somebody needs the products or services you provide, you want them to think about you first. Multi-channel advertising allows for that. If you do a good job with your social proof, content marketing and reputation you’ll have the trust you need for them to choose you.

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