How To Grow A YouTube Channel – Everything You Need To Get Started

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Oh, YouTube! The second largest search engine, over 1 billion users, 1 billion hours watched daily, 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute and only 9% of small businesses are on YouTube.



The amount of reach a small business can experience on YouTube is tremendous, but it takes the right strategy to implement effectively. So today we’re going to talk about what it takes to grow your business using YouTube

– Time
First things first – consider time when you begin to define your strategy. It takes time to create good content, time to edit videos, time to respond to comments. But even more importantly, it takes time to build a following.

We’ve been posting since early 2015. That first video got 124 views. Now, more than 4 years later our most popular video has 600,000 views!

– Remember that YouTube is a social network
Comments, Likes, Shares, Subscribers. All of these are important metrics and are a temperature gauge for your channel
People want answers. Give it to them.

– Video creation!
Define your content. Are you funny? Humorous? Educational? Dry? Awkward? What should your viewers expect when they come to your channel?
JUST. GET. STARTED. You don’t need a full team of video nerds to produce your videos
Choose your style. Single shots, jump cuts, highly produced and polished, silly and light… you can mix and match styles depending on your content or what you want to get across. Feel free to experiment!

– Optimize
Producing videos is just the first part! You need views. So how do you get them when you don’t have a lot of subscribers? Give YouTube a hand!

Metadata is extremely important. Choosing the correct title, tags, description, using subtitles/closed captioning, and hashtags are all extremely important as they help YouTube understand your video.

Protip – in your description offer links to related content and your social profiles. Remember – YouTube is a social network so give users other opportunities to connect with you

– Drive engagement
Use all the opportunities available to you with Cards and End Screens.
Using cards can help users learn more about a specific topic, engage with your video, or provide more context

– Celebrate and Share
You did it! You posted a great video that you’re super proud of. Now, pat yourself on the back and share it with your other social networks
Keep in mind that end screens and cards don’t show on other networks if you upload that video natively. However, if you share the YouTube URL all those features will continue to exist
Didn’t get any views? Don’t worry! Like I said, time is your best weapon. Keep creating, posting, and sharing and the views will come

– Advertise
Videos are your best sale tool! They never take a break, always have the perfect pitch, and can pitch to thousands of prospects all at once. So put some ad budget behind them!

There you have it! We could spend hours talking about all the little nuances and things you can do to grow your YouTube channel, create great videos, and build your subscriber base – and we will! Let us know in the comments what you’d like us to dive deeper in to and we’ll get those videos made. Got other tips? Leave em in the comments too! Like this video? Be sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more content like this.

As always, thanks for watching, and Happy Marketing!

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