Tribute to Entrepreneurs – Part IV

Tribute to Entrepreneurs Part IV – Give Thanks

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Thanks to the Photographer, for capturing our wedding day

Thanks to the Doctor, for delivering our babies

Thanks to the Vet, for keeping our pets healthy and happy

Thanks to the Accountant, for a big enough tax return to pay for a family vacation

Thanks to the Mechanic, for making sure our car was safe for a cross-country road trip

Thanks to the Barber, for keeping me and my boys looking sharp

Thanks to the Dentist, for our beautiful smiles

Thanks to the Chiropractor, for keeping my back strong so I can play with the kids

Thanks to the Real Estate Agent, for finding the house of our dreams

Thanks to the Contractor, for building a strong home we grow old in

Thanks to the House Cleaner, for picking up after our messes

Thanks to the Landscaper, for a beautiful yard where we can spend time under the stars

Thanks to the Plumber, for the clean water we need to drink and bathe

Thanks to the Roofer, for keeping us safe and dry during the storms

Thanks to the Restaurant, for providing a place to share memories with friends and family

Thanks to the Financial Adviser, for planning for our future

Thanks to the Attorney, for putting together my wife and I’s will, so our kids are secure should something happen to us

Thanks to the businesses, that provide for my family and Thanks to the Entrepreneurs, that provide these businesses…for us all

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