How Do You Grow Your Business? – 10 Tips For Astronomical Growth

You need to grow your business. It’s not just a goal – it’s your calling! But where should you start? Here are 10 tips to help you focus on what matters.

Tip #1 – Develop a company mission you and your team can stand behind

Tip #2 – Invest in marketing (talent & technology, search, social, local, reputation, automation, CRM – measure cost per lead and ROI)

Tip #3 – Be passionate about sales (measure opening ratio, avg account size, cost per account)

Tip #4 – Create scalable and repeatable processes (CRM, Google Docs, training materials)

Tip #5 – Hire people people that fit your culture and align with your mission over experience

Tip #6 – Measure people based on their attitude, effort and performance — develop ways to measure that so everyone is at A and B player status!

Tip #7 – Listen to employee and customer feedback and make changes along the way.

Tip #8 – Hold an “all-hands” meeting with your team once per week (at least once per month) and be fully transparent with them with regards to where you stand as a company, your goals, areas you can improve, changes you’re making and more.

Tip #9 – Constantly be building future leaders that can become the foundation of the company

Tip #10 – Remember, nothing is as good as it seems and nothing is as bad as it seems, but somewhere in the middle lies reality. Keep choppin’

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