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People often check social media before they call you, make a purchase or fill out a lead form. This process is called “social proofing”. It’s key you have a strong social presence so you pass this process with flying colors and get more leads and sales! So here’s the 4 P’s of building strong social proof for your business.

“P” #1 – You’re Professional – This means you have a nicely designed avatar, banner image, quality content, fully populated social profile pages, highlight years in business, number of clients, awards, etc. You can’t have incomplete social profiles and be considered professional!

“P” #2 – You’re Popular – strong followers, likes/comments/views/shares of posts, reviews/ratings, etc. Life isn’t a popularity contest but on the internet people like to see that other people trust you too. It’s human nature.

“P” #3 – You’re Proactive – You engage with people in your community or target market, like their content, comment on their content, comment and build relationships with your followers, etc. Reach out and say hello!

“P” #4 – You Promote – you invest in promoting your brand, promoting your content so it’s seen more, networking with your community, social influencers, local charities, local sports teams, etc. Remember, sometimes promoting means giving more than you take so get involved!

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