Replay: BuzzFeed SEO lead talks the future of AMP

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Next year, AMP will no longer be a requirement for content to appear in Google’s Top Stories section. This announcement carries substantial traffic and ad revenue implications for major publishers. To provide SEOs with an overview of the news, factors to consider and an inside look at how BuzzFeed is approaching the situation, Matt Dorville, SEO manager at BuzzFeed, joined me for our AMP session of Live with Search Engine Land.

During the session, we discussed Google’s Page Experience update, how abandoning AMP may free up more revenue opportunities, AMP’s uncertain future and more. Here is the complete list of topics we discussed, with corresponding timestamps:

  • 1’00”: Summary of the Page Experience update and AMP restriction removal.
  • 4’25”: How important is it to get your content into the Top Stories carousel?
  • 6’30”: Is the Page Experience update actually news?
  • 9’22”: Top considerations for continuing to use AMP.
  • 12’30”: How does using AMP currently restrict ad revenue?
  • 19’05”: How shifting to a new CMS may impact AMP adoption.
  • 21’35”: Agency and in-house SEOs are reevaluating AMP differently.
  • 24’50”: How BuzzFeed is rethinking AMP.
  • 29’32”: How seriously is BuzzFeed considering Google’s Core Web Vitals?
  • 31’50”: What does AMP’s future look like?
  • 36’00”: Considerations for using AMP as a canonical.
  • 38’30”: What will happen if AMP goes away?
  • 40’30”: What would need to happen for AMP to maintain relevance?
  • 42’10”: BuzzFeed’s branding strategy beyond the Top Stories carousel.
  • 45’05”: What will the AMP removal process be like?
  • 47’00”: What SEOs can do to prepare ahead of the AMP change.

For a more detailed discussion on the Page Experience update, which accompanied the AMP news, watch our Page Experience session of Live with Search Engine Land, hosted by Search Engine Land News Editor Barry Schwartz, featuring Aja Frost, head of content SEO at HubSpot, Marty Weintraub, founder of Aimclear, and Mike King, founder and managing director of iPullRank.

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