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If you’re a consultant looking to generate more leads these 8 tips are hand picked just for you!

Tip #1 Establish your credibility with statistics and successes. Show them you can drive results where there may be a deficiency. (Dynamic homepage)

Tip #2 Show how you can bring a fresh perspective to your client’s business. Videos, case studies, podcasts, and blog posts are particularly effective. (YouTube)

Tip #3 Never be afraid to highlight your unique talent. Utilize online reviews to highlight what you do well. Start an email marketing campaign through contacts from your reviews and contact forms on your website and social media.

Highlight the advantages your outside expertise can benefit your client.

If you have a special skill set, be sure and communicate that effectively.

Tip #4 Consulting is a matter of convenience for your clients, you provide a service that they can’t, or won’t, do internally. Stress the fact that hiring you will make their lives easier. (FAQ page.)

Tip #5 Provide a solid value proposition. What can you offer your clients that no other consultant can.

Tip #6 Make sure your website design is easily convertible, make it easy for your potential clients to contact and/or find you.

Tip #7 Leverage social media.

Tip # 8 Utilize Google and Facebook advertising to boost your page in the SERP. Specific targeting those that will benefit from your services can help you reach your intended audience. (Ad Manager)

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