Snapchat debuts Lens Web Builder to create AR campaigns in minutes

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Snapchat has announced a new ad product that gives advertisers an easier way to design and distribute AR-based ads. With the new ‘Lens Web Builder,’ you can create AR Lens campaigns directly within Snapchat’s Ads Manager.

Simple, fast, and free. Snapchat said the Lens Web Builder was developed with three key values in mind: simplicity, speed, and budget. In addition to being free to use, the tool offers “hundreds” of templated Lens creatives so that users without 3D design experience can create immersive AR ads. Whereas before it might take weeks to build a single AR ad on the platform, the new Lens Web Builder can render your creative in minutes – shortening the lead time between development and campaign launch.

Kaitlin McGirl, director of U.S. creative strategy at Snap described the tool as “a major step on our path towards making high-quality AR advertising accessible and impactful for any business, without needing the budget to hire professional designers.”

Best for those starting out. As a lightweight easy-to-use tool, The Lens Web Builder is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses just getting started in AR. In particular, it’s suited for brands with limited resources looking to quickly produce immersive content based on fast-moving trends, cultural moments, or holidays.

Different from the Lens Studio. If you’re thinking, I thought I could already build AR campaigns on Snapchat – you’re not wrong. The Lens Studio, launched in 2017, is an AR Lens creation platform that relies on more advanced 3D modeling techniques and is used widely by developers and digital artists. The difference here is that the Lens Web Builder offers a lighter, out-of-the-box tool that anyone can use – not just technical designers.

Available programmatically. Advertisers can bid programmatically for distribution of AR ads created using the Lens Web Builder, Snapchat said. This comes with the same flexibility of buying via auction, including no minimum investment and access to all of Snap’s targeting options.

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