InVideo’s AI-powered editor automates video creation process

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The video creation platform InVideo has released a video editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate the video creation process. InVideo’s “Intelligent Video Assistant” comes with real-time design suggestions on font choices, animations and color palates, and an auto-correct assistant feature to avoid technical design mistakes.

“Our Grammarly-like editor means no more time wasted over common technical mistakes or frustrating visual design decisions. We’re using AI to automate the entire video-making process,” said InVideo CEO Sanket Shah in a release announcing the tool.

InVideo’s new video-editing tool includes:

  • Video-formatting capabilities for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp.
  • A video and picture library with more than 3,000 designs and premium templates.
  • Subscription pricing range from $10 to $30 a month.

Why we care

High-quality video production comes at a cost, from the resources and talent it takes to produce polished videos to the platforms needed to design and edit video marketing content. Tools like InVideo’s new video editor — that include built-in design features and “drag and drop functionality” — give SMBs and DIY marketers with limited budgets more opportunities to build out their video marketing efforts.

More on the news

  • InVideo says it currently has 100,000 customers across 150 countries, and that its platform is being used to create more than 220,000 videos every month.
  • The company also announced a $2.5 million round of funding from Sequoia Capital India’s Surge.
  • AppSumo, a daily deals site for software and business apps, reported InVideo has become the highest-grossing product sold on its site in the last six months.

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