7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs

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1. Ability to Take Criticism
When it comes to customer support, you’re often going to be speaking with people who aren’t too happy. It’s important to not let any of their comments get to you.

2. Empathy
Caring about customers and their experiences should always be a number one goal of support reps. Customers may be initially attracted to a company because of its products or services. However, what will turn them into long-term, loyal customers is continued support throughout their lifetime.

3. Ability to Go Off-Script
Speaking of not being scripted, there is nothing worse than a support rep who sounds like an automated message.

4. Positivity
Positivity is a key skill for every customer support rep to master. We all have things going on in our personal lives. Nevertheless, I like to leave my baggage at the door and enter the workspace with a fresh, positive attitude.

5. Persuasiveness
While customers will appreciate your positivity, that’s not always enough to get the job done. I believe that being both kind and persuasive are essential to closing a deal with a customer.
6. Competency
Time is more valuable than money these days. That being said, every rep should find a solid balance between providing detailed, accurate service and getting the customer back to their life as quickly as possible. This means you need to be extremely competent in your role.

7. Product Knowledge
And finally, If you want to be able to fully tackle a customer’s problems, you have to know what on earth they are talking about. Proper knowledge of the products or services your company is providing is essential to your role as a support rep.

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