Salespeople Give Dating Advice

Does this rep have the sales skills to close true love? We think so – which is why we’re making them answer relationship questions with sales advice.


Love and sales… They’re not that different!


Today, I’ll be taking anonymous dating questions from co-workers around the building, and answering them with some top sales tips.

Alright, I met someone I really like but no matter how much I text him, he won’t respond. What should I do?

At some point you just have to stop texting him. Save yourself some time and effort and actually pursue prospects and people who are a better fit for you overall. Knowing when to walk away from a prospect is just as important as how to close.

We got question number 2: my girlfriend wants to break up with me, but I think if I avoid her indefinitely, she won’t be able to. Any advice?

[laughs] I mean… yeah. Uh… [laughs]

As a business it’s really important you don’t block the exit for your customers. You know, even if they had a good experience with them and they want to offboard, and the offboarding is really really painful, imagine the review that they tell their friends

My man’s the total package, and he always delivers, except for one thing: I’m totally addicted to him, he’s not a human being, and he’s actually just online shopping. I’m not seeing a question in here so I’m just going to skip this one for now.

My girlfriend cooks every meal, and then tries to get me to clean. She’s the one who made the mess! Help me out here.

Alright, uh, as a salesperson, whenever I reach out to someone I have to remember that I’m asking them for their time. So I have to provide them value. There’s no room for selfishness. If you can’t offer a little bit of empathy, you’ll never be a closer.

Alright, my friend is always setting me up on blind dates with these total duds. How can I make him understand the type of partner I’m looking for?

In order for any business to succeed, sales and marketing need to be totally aligned. The best way to do this would be to set up an SLA, or Service Level Agreement, that works for both sides. That way you can get a high number of leads, that are also really high quality as well.

Question 6: the body pillow with whom I’m in a common law marriage…isn’t as firm and loving as it once was. How do I reignite the flame of desire?

This might be a better question for someone else.

Alrighty, great place to stop. Tune in next time for some more advice on how sales can fix your failing and broken relationships. Or at the very least, see that selling and personal relationships aren’t actually that different – and it takes a lot of empathy, and understanding, and listening to finesse both. Thanks everybody!

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