How to Build an Audience (Even if You’re a Nobody)

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0:05 How to Build an Audience Tip #1
Today, I’m gonna share with you how to build an audience when you’re a nobody. The first tip I have for you comes from Kevin Kelly. It’s called 1000 True Fans. Typically, whatever product or service you’re offering, or whatever niche you’re in, there’s probably a really active community of those people. The true die-hard fans. They usually hang out on specific sites.

When you engage with those first 1000 people, those are your true die-hard fans. They become your first 1000 visitors, your first 1000 people on your subscriber list, your first 1000 customers. They’re not only much more likely to buy from you, but they’re likely to blog, share, tell other people about it. That’s what helps you get to the next 10000 buyers or fans or subscribers. Then from there, that’s what allows you to grow over 100000.

2:00 How to Build an Audience Tip #2
The second tip I have for you is look to see what publications those 1000 people who are super engaged within the community read. Typically, they don’t read too many sites. For example, in the marketing world, there’s so many marketing blogs that I can’t keep track of, but there’s only a few handful that are super popular, like, or Backlinko, or Moz, or HubSpot. But when you guest post on these sites, it doesn’t take too much effort because you don’t have to guest post on hundreds of sites.

3:30 How to Build an Audience Tip #3
The third tip I have for you is to ask people within the community to share your content. If you ask people in your community to share your content, especially when you don’t have any fans and you’re a nobody, they’re usually not gonna do it. So you have to do something that causes them to want to share it. For example, if I was new to the marketing world and I release amazing blog posts with stats and data about marketing and I also link to BackLink or Brian Dean or someone from Moz, I would then email them saying, “Hey Brian, I have to say, I am a huge fan of your work. So much so, that I even linked to you in my newest blog post. Feel free to check it out here. Cheers, Neil. P.S. If you enjoyed this blog post feel free to share it.”

4:00 Now, I could go on and on with more and more tips, but I found that these three simple ones work well. So, let’s recap. One, you need to go find where your community members are and engage with them one-on-one. Not because it’ll help you build up a community, but because you truly care. If you don’t truly care for people, they’re gonna see through it and you’re not gonna build up a loyal following of your first 1000 fans. Two, you need to guest post, but you don’t wanna just guest post everywhere. It’s a lot of work, you won’t get results. You need to guest post on the main industry publications that the superfans, the thought leaders within the space are reading. Third, and this is the last one to recap, you wanna link out to other influencers within your space to cite your work, to use their data, to back up the points you’re trying to make. Of course, email them once you do because they’ll share your content.

4:30 You follow those three tips, not only are you gonna get more traffic, but you’re gonna build up a more loyal fan base so that way whenever you push out content, videos, podcasts, there’s gonna be people waiting to follow you, listen to that, watch it. Best of all, when you wanna monetize, they’ll also start buying from you as well. So, thank you for watching. If you’re struggling to build up your first 1000 followers or fans and engaging the community, leave a comment below, tell me what you’ve tried, where you’re struggling. I’ll respond back with some tips. In addition to that, if you enjoyed the video, like, comment, share, tell other people about it, subscribe. Thank you for watching.

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