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Are you planning your marketing strategies for the New Year? Santa Claus is! And he’s here to discuss 5 marketing tactics that you should try in 2020.

Tactic #1 New Content Strategy
With the new Google algorithm changes emphasizing the importance of relevant content, it might be a good time to refresh your site content. Think about the value your content is providing to your audience. SERP rankings in 2020 will take into account the value of your content, it is a great time to do an audit.

Tactic #2 Start a Podcast
It seems like everyone is doing it, and why not? Podcasts are a great way to get your message out there and explore a different medium. Let’s be honest, creating a successful podcast can be a problem if you are boring, if you happen to be boring, chances are, you know someone who is not. Ask them for help.

Tactic #3 Revamp Your Email Campaign
The old standard, email is still an extremely effective way to market to potential, current, and clients you would like to get back. Start with a fresh batch of content and cut it up into different pieces, sending it out on a smaller scale. Do some A/B testing to determine what works and send out the final product. A word of caution, never get too comfortable with your email content, each and every piece of content needs to be original.

Tactic #4 Run Social Media Ads
If you haven’t discovered the power of social media ads it is time to get on board. They are the ideal platform for small, local businesses to extend their reach. Consider branching out and making a video ad to run on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Create a web of content that points back to your website.

Tactic #5 Make Your Journey Personal
The narrative of a business is one of the best ways to engage with your potential clients. Everyone has experience with their own personal journey and sharing yours is an outstanding way to encourage a sense of community. Sharing your struggles, hopes, and dreams is what some clients enjoy seeing in a small business. Build a narrative that people can grasp and can relate to, this will breed loyal clients and a community of like minded people.

Which of these tactics will you be trying? Got other suggestions? Let us know!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Marketing 360

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