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Digital marketing is getting more and more complicated and robust. So what things must you have in order to be successful today? Let’s break down the top 3!

Must Have #1 – You must have a talented team. To truly be successful today you need a team of talented people focused on growing your brand, executing your strategy, managing your campaigns, designing your ads, creating video content, managing your content marketing strategy etc. You really need a strong Marketing Director, Designer, Content Marketer, Social Manager, etc.. It’s hard to find somebody really talented at all those things. So a team is better. Plus, 2 heads are always stronger than 1! You need to focus on running your business while your team focuses on driving you business and growing your brand! The problem is, an in-house team is very expensive. That’s why solutions like Marketing 360® are nice because the dedicated team is included at a very low cost.

Must Have #2 – You must have a multi-channel platform. Today, you must be getting your brand in front of people across multiple channels. At the core, marketing is about getting your brand where your potential customers are! Today, that’s across multiple digital channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Digital Billboards, Email, SMS, Digital TV like Hulu, Digital Radio like Spotify, etc… To be most efficient and effective, you need a platform that allows you to manage all that and track results in one place! Plus has integrated features like a CRM, payments, reputation management and more so from one login and one budget you can both manage and market your business! This is the tool your team will use to grow your brand. So you want to arm them with the best technology for success! Marketing 360 is great small business marketing platform if you’re looking for one.

Must Have #3 – You must have a competitive budget. Even with a great team and a great platform, you impact will be minimal without a competitive budget. For a local business, I suggest a marketing budget no less than $1000/mo ($30/day). But can and should be much higher if your competitors are investing more. We can help you research how much they are investing each month. One good rule of thumb would be at least $15-20 per day per channel. So if you’re on 5 channels, that would be a recommended budget of around $100 per day. Make sure to feed your business everyday with a healthy marketing budget!

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