Social Media for Your eCommerce Business – 5 Steps to Success

Did you know that 81% of Americans use social media? Even more impressive, 65% of those users have made a purchase directly from social media. Think you don’t need to worry about your social presence? Think again.

Step #1 – Choose your platform
The most obvious choice is Facebook. In fact, nearly 3/4s of social media sales come from Facebook! However, depending on your product and your customer demographic you may want to look at including other platforms in the mix:

Bonus tip: Additionally, make sure you take the extra time to verify your profiles and connect your analytics platform to them. Finally, make sure you add the retargeting or audience code from each platform to your website – you’re going to need this later

Choose the platform that resonates with your audience and create your profile.

Step #2 – Ensure a consistent brand
You need to make sure that your brand is consistent across all channels – your website and social channels should all compliment each other and your brand. Make sure that your logo, cover photos, content, copy, voice, and ads all reflect across each platform. You don’t need to use the exact same images or content – but to build customer trust your brand needs to be consistent.

Step #3 – Develop a content strategy and calendar
Make a content posting calendar and stick with it! Customers love consistency so if they can become accustomed to seeing your posts and content you’re able to rent that top of mind awareness so that when they’re ready to purchase you’re their first stop.

Remember, you’re not going to get traffic and followers overnight. Much like an organic search strategy, it takes time and consistency to see growth.

Step #4 – Time for ads!
Now is the time to start your retargeting campaigns. Depending on how much site traffic you have will impact how long it takes to build an audience list on each of your social media platforms. If you connected the audience code we talked about back in Step 1 you’re already ahead of the game. Create ads and perks directly focused on bringing consumers back to your site to make a purchase. Remember, on average only 97% of visitors convert the first time they visit your site. Don’t miss out on additional sales because you let them go and they forget about you.

Step #5 – Stick with it
Remember, Facebook wasn’t built in a day and your social media empire won’t be either. It takes time, patience, strategy, and no small amount of skill to be successful in business. But if you want a piece of the pie you’ve got to grab a fork!

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