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In many cases, the best time to invest in marketing is during your off season! Think about seasonal businesses like lawn care or landscaping or event planners and venues, child care once school is out, tree care, etc. When do you think people are starting to look into those things? At the moment they need them or in advance? Generally months in advance right! That is why it’s key to be visible during that research phase so your brand is top of mind. Marketing your business is much like a professional athlete trains. Professional athletes train all year! And they train the hardest during the off season in preparation of the season. Then, during the season, they continue to train, but their training changes. Marketing for a season business is the same way. You don’t want to just market during the season, you want to also market during the off season! The way in which you market however will slightly change. Let’s talk about 4 tips on how you should market in the off season.

Tip #1 – Build your organic presence on Google search and Google maps for your best keywords so you rank highly when the season comes!

Tip #2 – Build your social media brand awareness. Stay top of mind! When the busy season comes, you want people to think of you first! Try reminder campaigns — build a reminder email list! This huge email list can then be blasted once the season starts.

Tip #3 – Build a large retargeting list. Retargeting ads are much less expensive than outbound or inbound ads. So the key is to build a huge audience list prior to the season starting so you can run retargeting ads and people see you everywhere in the digital world!

Tip #4 – Try to fill your schedule before the season even starts! Test early bird discounts! Classes are filling fast! Save my spot! Etc.. The more you can fill your schedule the less you’ll need to invest in high-demand high-cost marketing during the season. This will generate a much better ROI!

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