GSD SALES SHOW: Objection Handling – The Pricing Objection

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Episode 2: Objection Handling (Segment 1 of 3)

Nothing stops a deal faster in its tracks than a sales objection. But objections are an inevitable part of the sales process, and you’ll never be successful until you learn to anticipate and address your buyer’s concerns.

In this episode, we’ll cover the classic pricing objection: “Your product costs too much.” A budget discussion isn’t a showstopper. You could be facing a cash flow or budget issue, or you might not have provided enough value yet. Either way, this objection is just an opportunity in disguise.

Blake and Mary will provide soundbites you can take back to the sales floor, show you how to have the price discussion, and how to make the conversation about value — all in five minutes.

Watch the full 3-part episode on handling objections in sales here:

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