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Coming up with a good social media strategy for a local business can be difficult, especially for local businesses like pest control companies, posting pictures of bugs might freak people out, or family attorneys, how exciting can that content get! So here’s some other ideas to get you rolling with building a strong social media presence in your local community. The key being, when they need the products or services you offer, they think of you first. They don’t search Google, or try to find businesses any other way, they just go straight to you!

Tip #1 – Share stuff happening around town – Stay up to date with what’s happening around town and share that information! Attend events and take pictures and share those, etc. Your brand, social icon, etc. is your brand ad on these, almost like a sponsor, which will get recognized over time and rent space in people’s minds. Make sure your brand name and what you do is clear.

Tip #2 – Share stuff happening in neighborhoods you serve – Follow the neighborhoods you serve on social media and share things they have going on. Comment and engage with their content, etc.

Tip #3 – Shout out local sports teams, high schools, etc – Keep tabs on the local teams and shout them out. Give them props for their performances. Maybe do a “player of the week” or something like that! Maybe go to the games and get some footage and share the “highlights of the game”, etc. This will likely be highly viewed and shared which extends your reach.

Tip #4 – Share non-profit stuff, show you give back – Follow the local non-profits and share what they have going on. Invest a little to give back and sponsor some of your favorites, then highlight that. Go to some of their events and share the pictures/story/video, etc.

Tip #5 – Share quality content around what you do – Think about the questions people often ask and create valuable content answering those questions. Video is great for this. Share your tips like I’m doing right now!

Tip #6 – Share stories about yourself, your team and your clients – Share nice pictures of your and your staff and tell their story. Humanize your brand and your team and help the community get to know you, like you and want to work with you/support you.

Tip #7 – Comment & engage with the community – Spend time engaging and commenting on content posted by people in your community. You can find these people based on who’s engaging with the city content, non-profit content, local sports teams, neighborhoods, etc.

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