How To Grow Your Instagram Account – 6 Tips For Success

So you’ve got an Instagram account. Maybe a few followers (thanks Mom!), you’ve posted a few times and even messed around with filters. Nice! You’ve set the stage, now let’s grow your account.

Here are 6 tips to help you grow and manage your Instagram account the right way:

Tip #1 Pick a theme/message
No one wants to follow an account that doesn’t know what it is or why it exists. They followed you because of the content they thought they’d see. If you’re constantly switching gears, they’ll follow someone else.

Tip #2 Research hashtags
Hashtags can heavily influence how you get found. Don’t spam, but mix up the hashtags you use between common and uncommon ones. Search a few different hashtags, follow the rabbit trail, and pick the most relevant popular and uncommon ones to use

Tip #3 Create a content calendar
If you don’t, you’ll get behind and you won’t post/grow. We all have great intentions but lets be honest – life gets in the way. You need a content calendar and the discipline to follow it. You’ll thank me.

Tip #4 Be dynamic
Use emoticons, tag locations, tag other people, integrate Stories or IGTV, respond to comments. Don’t just post the same thing over and over and expect results.

Tip #5 Follow other influencers
Use your “Following” list as a way to connect your followers with other quality, curated accounts. Think of this as a playlist of other accounts your followers should follow

Tip #6 Dedicate a budget
Like most social media platforms you can increase your reach and growth with an ad budget. Build out your best audiences and target them. Want to “beat the algorithm”? Consider this your shortcut.

BONUS TIP!: Don’t use automated bots.
Auto-following/unfollowing, liking, commenting on posts, or anything else these bots promise will not help you and could get you banned. Add value and be a social part of the social community.

Thanks for watching! If you’ve got other tips please leave them in the comments!

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