What We Will Look Like In The Future: What Humans Are Better At than Artificial Intelligence

Digital assistants, driverless cars and trucks, medical diagnostic software, research bots-

These are just the beginning.

Each month, job markets are transformed or reduced in size ten fold, as a workforce of one hundred becomes a systems administrator of one.

Keynes’ decades old worry of the “new disease” of technological unemployment looms larger with each passing moment.

The second machine age is here, and it will leave massive unemployment in it’s wake, and the types of work and industries affected are multiplying.

For the next generation of workers, there will be fewer and fewer traditional jobs, and those that remain will be unrecognizable.

In this brave new world, humans must be equipped to transform the way they work, think, and think about work.

What kind of jobs will exist in a world where sectors such as manufacturing, retail, analysis, shipping, and transportation are governed by AI?

What would employers value? What would this new economy value?

“Smart” will no longer be enough.

Computers are smart, and already outstrip us in Data storage, information retrieval, mathematical analysis, chess strategy, jeopardy…

Humans must be something different.

The new jobs will value the uniquely human skills, irreplaceable by even the most powerful of computers.

Things like innovation, persuasion, curiosity, and adaptability.

(And of course, the ability to use AI tools to drive those skills.)

How you think becomes more important than what you do.

As Kevin Kelly said “AI is for answers, humans are for questions”
Where machines think linearly, beset on one task that they execute with impossible precision, humans must train themselves to think around corners, up walls, and through impossible Escher knots of cognition.

Machines will organize, analyze, and package the data but humans must see new patterns, tie them to one another, and create new connections- strengthening old concepts and weaving them into something wholly new.

The cold truth is that AI will eliminate millions of jobs in the current market- but what this offers us in return is an opportunity to focus our thoughts on and energies on the uniquely human problems facing us.

We will all be able to share in the productivity of automation
What we do with that time, is up to us.

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