Tribute to Entrepreneurs – Part III

Tribute to Entrepreneurs Part III – Dad’s Letter To Son

Son, I’ve battled this illness as long as I can and given it all I’ve got but God’s calling me home now. Thus, I’m writing you this letter in my final days on this earth in hopes that the lesson’s I’d prayed I could have taught you while being at your side over the course of your life will instead be taught through this ink and paper right now. I’ve given your mother several other letters on things like love, friendship, faith and more which she’s been instructed to give to you when the time is right, but this letter I’d like to give you now. It’s on business. Like your great grandfather, grandfather and myself, you’re born to be an entrepreneur son. I’ll not be around to assure you of this at the moment you feel the calling to start something new, but are scared of the unknown, so just trust that you are. It’s in your blood. Don’t deny it. Be proud of it. Entrepreneurs fuel the economy, provide jobs, build communities, shape our culture, fund charities, ignite ideas and change lives. They make the world a better place. When you grow up and you’re ready, pick something of your own to start son. Pick something you’re passionate about and inspires you. Charge a reasonable price for it and then provide unreasonably excellent value for it. It will be hard – the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. But don’t give up. I’ll be watching you and rooting for you. Be a great leader and pay your people well. Don’t be selfish. And don’t just inspire people to be good at their job but to be good people. Care for their success in work and life, not just work. Set high goals and demand greatness of your team. And grow, don’t settle for sideways – attempt to grow quarter after quarter, year after year. The bigger you get the more people you can help son. But don’t get consumed by it. Keep your family first. Start your days many hours before the rest so you can have time to spend with your wife and kids. Nights and weekends aren’t for work, their for family. When you hit a wall seek the advice of those smarter than you, but in the end, remember to always do what you feel is right for you’ll be criticized anyways. In times of doubt, read this letter, and pray for wisdom. When not in doubt, pray for humility and give thanks. Build something incredible son. This life is short, make the biggest impact you can. I demand it, as I know you demand it of yourself. I love you. I will miss you. And I want you to know I’m your biggest fan now and forever. Love Dad.

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