Modern Sales Tips & Tricks For 2019 To Help You Make It Rain!

Want to make it rain sales? Check out these 5 modern sales tips to help make 2019 your best sales year ever!

Tip #1 – Be a modern communicator! Find out where your lead likes to communicate (phone, email, text, direct message on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and communicate with them there! If you’re a modern communicator, the lead will assume you offer modern products and services!

Tip #2 – Be social! Make sure to follow your leads on social media, engage with their content (like it, add comments/value, share, etc). Show them you care! People do business with people they like! Make sure your social profiles look good, have nice professional pictures/videos, etc.. Doing this well can also earn you more referrals and visibility! Consider doing more video conferencing, video messages, Facetiming, etc.. Make interactions with you more personal and human!

Tip #3 – Understand that the #1 thing your leads need from you before they buy from you is trust! People are very skeptical today, they start off defensive. So you really need to work hard to build trust! You do this by adding value! Make sure your mindset is to earn their trust before you earn their credit card! If you do tip #1 and #2 well, you’ll build trust much easier! Whether they do business with you or not, your goal should be to add value and help them!

Tip #4 – Understand the #1 thing you need to sell is confidence. If there’s even a sliver of doubt in yourself, your product or your service, you will fail. You have to believe in the depths of your soul that your product or service can help your prospect solve their problem. Selling is just convincing somebody to do something that’s better for them!

Tip #5 – Ask for the business when the time is right. When you feel you’ve earned trust and are confident your solution can solve their problem, it’s your duty to sell it! So ask for the business!

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