How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

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You have your YouTube channel set up and ready to go, but how can you make sure your channel and your videos are going to be successful?

Here are some tips to optimize your YouTube profile and the videos you upload to your channel:

1. Optimize your channel art; it should be simple and compelling.
2. Make sure you have two different trailers videos, one for new users and another for returning subscribers.
3. Know how to use the “About Us” Page for search.
4. Optimize your titles and descriptions for search.
5. Add tags to your videos that include main keywords.
6. Select a video category
7. Optimize your video thumbnails; verify your account in order to upload a custom image.
8. Add subtitles and closed captions to your videos. This helps viewers and optimizes them for search.
9. Consider translating your metadata, titles, and descriptions.

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