Snapchat’s new ad format lets advertisers extend 6-second non-skippable ads

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Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has announced the launch of a new video ad format: Extended Play Commercials. The new, mid-roll ad type maintains the 6-second non-skippable format – but offers advertisers the ability to extend the runtime beyond the 6-second mark for up to three minutes.

Similar to YouTube TrueView ads, with Extended Play Commercials, Snapchat users will have the option to either skip the ad after six seconds or continue to watch the full video commercial. The key difference is that Snapchat’s Extended Play Commercials will appear mid-roll, rather than pre-roll like YouTube.

Why we should care

The extended ad format offers advertisers an opportunity to deliver a 6-second teaser that can then roll into a longer length commercial for viewers who may be more engaged.

“Extended Play Commercials are a great option for online video and TV buyers. Heading into the holidays, this format is a powerful new way to reach our Gen Z and Millennial audience in Snapchat’s premium, brand safe Discover content,” said David Roter, VP of global agency partnerships at Snap.

The added option of a longer-form ad provides advertisers with more options and flexibility around the types of content served through the platform. For example, some brands may want to deliver more context or a richer story for users who choose to keep watching, as with YouTube’s TrueView ads.

More on the news

  • In September, Snapchat introduced a skippable ad format that can run up to three minutes long. Extended Play Commercials are similar but run as a continuation of the 6-second format rather than as a standalone 3-minute ad.
  • Extended Play Commercials are now available in closed beta, with whitelisted advertisers able to access them in Ads Manager.
  • Any Snapchat advertiser can request access to the beta test from their sales representative – or by reaching out via Ads Manager.

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