How to Write for Your Brand Using Style, Tone, and Voice

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Your company’s brand is something to care about—it builds trust with your customers and prospects, and it increases your revenue. In this video, we talk about how you can create content using your company’s unique style, voice, and tone.

59% of people say that authenticity of content is the number one way to create a following for a company’s brand.

Also, 83% of people agree that their trust in a company’s brand would be negatively affected if they found out the company’s content wasn’t actually written by the company.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should avoid ghost writers, guest contributors, or content collaborators. Just be sure you’re not compromising your company’s brand when external people get involved in content. Using editorial resources like a style guide and having an editor review all content for consistency are great ways to bring in new voices without sacrificing your company’s brand.

Okay, so brand alignment is a big deal. Before writing content for your company, you need to have a strong understanding of your company’s style, voice, and tone.

Style is the way you use grammar, punctuation, and syntax. It’s influenced by how your words work together and what effect your writing has on the audience. Think about the details here: how you define certain terms, how you position your ideas, and what formatting you stick to in your written content.

Voice is the personality that’s reflected in your writing. The words you choose, how you communicate information, and how you make a reader feel are all tied to voice. Each person has their own unique personality, and the same goes for companies. In every piece of content you write, you should be writing in a way that conveys your company’s personality.

Tone is the approach you take that’s appropriate for the context of your content. Tone encompasses the audience emotions that need to be accounted for and the resulting approach you must take.

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