Chiropractic Marketing – 6 Tips in :60 Seconds

Marketing for a chiropractic office presents a unique challenge but with these 6 tips under your belt you’re well on your way! Today we have 6 tips in (just over) :60 seconds to help you achieve marketing success!

Tip #1 – Identify your best consumer
Not everyone who walks through your door is the “best” patient. Everyone has value but to get the most out of your marketing you want to identify your best patient and focus your efforts on them

Tip #2 – Meet their needs emotionally
Your patients are reacting emotionally to their situation. Pain is their emotional motivator so craft your ads to reflect their emotion – you can focus on the root cause in the office

Tip #3 – Keep it simple
Long Tail keywords don’t always deliver the best results. “Best scoliosis treatment in Denver Colorado” is a lot less effective than “Chiropractor near me”

Tip #4 – Get reviews!
Customers aren’t interested in “testimonials” but they are interested in reviews! Top Rated Local, Google, and Facebook are all great places to get more reviews

Tip #5 – Use more videos
Show off your office, give people a walkthrough of what to expect on their first visit, let them meet the doctor. Address fears and concerns by letting your patients experience your office before they even come through the doors

Tip #6 – Be patient
There is no quick fix. Just how the road to recovery takes time and consistent effort, developing a successful marketing campaign takes time. Stick with it and you’ll see results!

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