3 questions I wish I’d asked as a junior marketer: Mars’s Berta de Pablos

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As chief growth officer of Mars, Berta de Pablos is dedicated to eliminating stereotypes, but as a junior marketer one senior leader’s advice to get rid of her accent and adapt her leadership style nearly changed the course of her career.

Berta DePablos Mars

When looking back at Berta de Pablos’ high-flying career, largely spent climbing the ranks at Mars, you would assume that the now chief growth officer’s journey was faultless.

However, when asked what question could have changed the trajectory of her career, one singular interaction sticks out.

As a junior marketer, one senior leader told her that in order to succeed she would have to change her behaviour, accent and dress sense. De Pablos, desperate to do well, did her best to comply.

“For a long period of time and I became a diluted and mechanic version of myself,” she explains.

Sparked by a conversation with a junior member of staff, de Pablos eventually realised that herself was enough, although she wished she had the courage to challenge the opinion of her colleague all those years ago.

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