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Let’s break down 8 tips to help you close more deals via more effective sales presentations!

Tip #1 – Up your energy by telling yourself to be upbeat and cheery, engaging, and in the moment. Remember: tone over content. People often buy the sales person, not the product.

Tip #2 – Your audience does not care about all your product’s amazing features, they only care about how those things are relevant to them and benefit them. Benefits over features!

Tip #3 – Don’t put all the focus or attention on your presentation, deck, or demo. Make sure it’s secondary to YOU! The salesperson. In other words, if it’s an in-person, don’t stare at the screen while talking. If you’re online, make sure to use a webcam and show your face a good portion of the presentation so they connect with you personally.

Tip #4 – Only present solutions that are relevant to the audience. This means you might have to skip some solutions and features that you really love to talk about. I love mountain biking and wakeboarding, but these are things my wife does not want to talk about for the majority of our date night. So be smart!

Tip #5 – Go off script and ditch your presentation if the audience does not seem to be engaged and wants to talk about something else. In other words, don’t force it on them. Remember, they are buying you, not your presentation.

Tip #6 – Keep it short and sweet. Keep your slides simple and clean. Don’t spend much time on each slide, keep it moving quickly so it’s engaging. If the audience seems tired (yawning, shifting, etc). you’re dragging it out way to long.

Tip #7 – Piggy-backing off tip #6, don’t move too fast and rush the presentation in order to get all your content covered in as short of a time as possible. Instead cut content out that’s not that impactful. A good movie or good book has drastically been cut down from its original form.

Tip #8 – Practice your ending/conclusion. Practice makes perfect so ask for the business!

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