TikTok’s new SDK enables video uploads from other apps, services

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TikTok released its first-ever software-development kit (SDK) on Monday, which will allow users to upload video content to the TikTok platform through third-party apps.

Aptly titled the “Share to TikTok” SDK, it’s the first kit TikTok has introduced in its TikTok for Developers program. The SDK includes new tools to help third-party apps and developers integrate with TikTok, allowing users to simply “Share to TikTok” from the editing panel of their favorite apps.

Additionally, TikTok named Adobe Premiere Rush as an initial integration partner, giving users the ability to edit using Adobe’s rich features and share instantly to TikTok. Premiere Rush allows users to capture videos and edit content on any device using a range of tools and effects, such as speed changes, aspect ratio editing, advanced color and audio control, transitions, and more.

Why we should care

The SDK provides developers and third-party apps with the ability to diversify content channels based on the users’ preferences, which could help drive more accurate targeting and reach for brands on the platform which has more than 500 million users.

“By engaging with the TikTok SDK, third-party developers will not only provide a new channel for creators to share their creations, but also expand the reach of their own platform through specified partner hashtags,” the company wrote.

Additionally, the SDK could bring more engagement to the popular video-sharing platform with it’s streamlined, one-click posting experience.

More on the news

  • A part of the TikTok for Developers program, this feature aims to expand creative offerings for the TikTok community while enriching and content for users. 
  • With the TikTok SDK, third-party developers can provide a new channel for creators to share their work while expanding the reach of their own platform.

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