What Is SSL? And Why Do You Need It?

Is your website secure? Find out with HubSpot’s free SSL Checker: http://bit.ly/2Tl8B1n

What is an SSL certificate, and do you need on? How does SSL work?

Google Chrome now alerts visitors what your site is not secure if you collect any information without a SSL certificate — even an email address. Check to see if your website is secure: https://www.hubspot.com/ssl-checker

If you visited a website, and this warning appeared, would you continue shopping for that super-deluxe, veggie-pulverizing blender?

Probably not. And you wouldn’t be the only one — 82% of your peers would also hit the close button.

Consumers are demanding more protection from brands due to recent high-profile hacks and data breaches.

But how do you protect your customers and gain their trust? With something called an SSL certificate.

SSL means that when you visit a site, an encrypted link is created between the web server and your browser.

Think of it like this: Say you deposited cash into an ATM. While the cash is in transit to your bank, robbers intercept the van.

With SSL, the route between the ATM and the bank is completely secure, making sure hackers can’t get access your data.

In the past, you only needed SSL if your business accepted credit cards or other sensitive details. Google Chrome now alerts visitors that your site is “Not Secure” if you accept any information at all — even an email address.

And if that isn’t enough … having SSL is a factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Worried that your business isn’t protected? Check to see if your site’s URL begins with http or https. The “s” means you’re secure.

And it’s simple to add SSL to your site. You can purchase various types of certificates via your domain provider or a company like Let’s Encrypt.

At HubSpot, we think security shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s good for customers and good for growth. That’s why a standard free SSL certificate is for all Marketing Hub customers.

Visit https://www.hubspot.com/ssl-checker to start protecting your customer relationships.

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