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In this video we’re going to talk about our dedicated Marketing Executives, why you need them, and how they work! –

Why You Need It
So what is dedicated Marketing Executive and why do you need them? Well, a dedicated Marketing Executive is essentially your virtual marketing director. They work for you to execute your marketing campaigns and drive you the best results possible. But to better understand it, let’s talk about 5 reasons why you need it.

Reason 1 – Saves time, you are busy running your business. Marketing is a full time job and always changing, you need a highly skilled digital market today to be successful. You know your business and your marketing executive knows marketing so by partnering together you get the best results.

Reason 2 – Saves money. Your dedicated ME is included at no additional cost. Most small businesses can’t afford a full time marketing person or team.

Reason 3 – Call, email, text them any time. Our success is your success. Our MEs do not grow if you don’t grow. They are literally incentivized to drive you results.

Reason 4 – MEs can see around the corner and provide insights on different strategies, channels and even products & services you can explore.

Reason 5 – Not just the ME, they have a whole team of marketers, seo experts, designers and more. You get an entire team!

How it Works

Now that you know what your dedicated Marketing Executive is. Let’s walk through 4 steps on how it works.

Step 1 – Kickoff call with your Marketing Executive

Step 2 – They setup Marketing 360 and all your marketing campaigns and walk you through everything.

Step 3 – They work with their team closely to communicate your goals and make sure we’re executing excellently. This way, you only need to communicate to one person and they do the rest.

Step 4 – They keep you updated on how things are going, send reports and make changes as needed to drive the best ROI.

Bonus Tip – Provide open and honest communication with your ME so they know exactly what you’re looking for and can not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Be prepared for more communication early on to get on the same page but as time goes by it will take less and less of your team and you’ll be able to just focus on running your business and we’ll focus on driving you business.

So hopefully this video helps you better understand who your dedicated Marketing Executive is, why you need them and how they work. We’d love an opportunity to earn your business, so don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our Marketing Consultants should there be any additional questions you might have. Happy marketing!

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