How to Write Catchy Headlines That Convert | Copywriting Secrets For Digital Marketers

If your homepage headline isn’t well written you won’t convert visitors into customers, then it’s time to make them a little catchier.
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1. Address the problem – your headline should address the problem your visitors are facing. If they know that you can help fix their problem they are more likely to sign up.

When addressing their problem, you should ideally do this within 5 or 6 words. Try to keep it under 10 if you can’t make it short.

2. Have a sub-headline underneath your headline – this should address the solution to the problem. This reinforces that you can solve people’s problem.

3. Continually test new headlines – your headlines can always be improved. For this reason, you should test them.

Using Crazy Egg you can test your headlines and see if it is helping you generate more leads, sales, and conversions.

One big reason to continually test is that things change over time. So your headline that works today may not work a year from now. This happens because market conditions change.

Just follow those three steps and you will have a higher converting headline.

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