Sales Tips & Training – How to Build a Sales Pipeline & How it Works Over Time

Building a strong sales pipeline is the key to success in sales. The problem is, we often quit just before the pipeline starts to flow! In this video we’ll walk through how a sales pipeline works so you can visualize how much time you need to give it to see the greatest return on investment.

There are 5 keys to building a strong pipeline:

Key #1 – Lead Flow – you need to find a good lead source you can consistently push into your pipeline

Key #2 – Effort/Discipline – you need to be disciplined to the level of effort you put forth working your leads so the pipeline does not dry up

Key #3 – Process – you need a solid process you can consistently follow with each lead in the pipe

Key #4 – Work Entire Pipe – you need to work the entire pipe from front to back so there are no “low” areas in your pipeline

Key #5 – Don’t Give Up Too Early – if you don’t see results early, don’t give up! You need to give your new lead sources at least 6 months to fill your pipeline.

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