Social Media Tips – 8 Steps To Create The Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy

Getting started on crafting the perfect social media marketing strategy? You’re in luck! We’ve got 8 tips to help you research, plan, and execute the best social media strategy possible.

Step #1 – Research Your Competition
What channels are you competitors on? Is there an opportunity that they are missing?

Step #2 – Pick Your Profiles
It’s better to have no presence than an abandoned profile. Only choose profiles you plan on being on for the long term.

Step #3 – Hire, Outsource, or Enlist?
Do you hire a full time employee, handle the project yourself, or enlist the help of an agency? Well, we can help!

Step #4 – Research Content Types
Do your customers want videos, quotes, motivation, strategies, blogs? What content can you provide on a reasonable basis?

Step #5 – Create A Consistent Posting Schedule
Create your schedule and stick to it. If your customers expect updates on certain days and certain times you can increase your growth and engagement by maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Step #6 – Utilize a budget
Don’t rely on being found by accident! Success isn’t an overnight thing and you need to have a budget to help produce the results that you want. Boosting and sponsoring your content is a great, cost effective way to increase your reach.

Step #7 – Optimize!
You can’t skip this part! The best laid plans don’t always result in success right out of the gate. Update and adapt your approach based on the information you gather over time.

Step #8 – Engage!
Build a following by producing valuable content and engaging with your followers

Remember, the initial goal of social media is to product Return on Engagement, NOT Return on Investment. The sales will come AFTER the community has been created

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