Landing Pages That Convert – 10 Optimization Hacks

Let’s break down 10 landing page hacks you can use to become a master of conversion rate optimization!

Hack #1 – Use authentic, non-stocky images of real looking people smiling. Highrise saw an increase in conversions of over 100% by swapping out a graphic of their software with a picture of a real authentic looking smiling person. At the end of the day, people want to be happy. So show them what you offer makes people happy and/or your staff is super friendly and happy.

Hack #2 – Make sure all your other images add value. They should be relevant to your product or service and not just a random image of the mountains (for example) unless you sell mountain related products and services.

Hack #3 – Showcase your strong reputation by highlighting customer ratings, review site logos and ratings, case studies, etc.. Show that many people have used your product or service and are happy they did!

Hack #4 – Make the path to conversion as simple as possible. Reduce form fields to only what’s needed, leave the rest for later. Studies show that once you cross over 10 form fields conversions start to drop heavily. If you can swing it, 5 fields or less has the highest conversion rate. However, this might generate less qualified leads, so it’s a balance. If you can auto-fill any fields, that’s also powerful. Keep it 1-2 clicks to checkout. Make it easy to find your contact info. Keep the CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons in-sight at all times! Also integrate them throughout the page content.

Hack #5 – Come up with a good CTA, tell them exactly what they will get. Put yourself in the mind of the consumer, what do they truly want? Make that your CTA! Use the word “Get” if possible.

Hack #6 – Use video! It does not need to be a full blown production video, often times the raw videos of somebody just explaining the product or service work the best! Basically, give the user your 1 minute sales pitch on why they should choose you or your product. What makes you different! How will it work? Essentially, think of all the potential questions a user would have and answer those in that video.

Hack #7 – Create retargeting audience lists for your landing pages and product pages to bring the user back! Filter out people that have converted from those audience lists.

Hack #8 – Make sure your landing page headline/copy matches the copy from your ads so it’s extremely relevant and has a low bounce rate. Use dynamic content if your website has that functionality so you can literally change your headline automatically in real-time based on what ad the user is coming from! Countless studies show when the ad copy exactly matches the headline conversions sky rocket.

Hack #9 – Compare your landing page to your competitors landing page. Is yours better? If so, great! If not, keep improving!

Hack #10 – Make sure your landing page looks great on your phone! Mobile traffic is by far the largest traffic source.

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