Secrets for Leveraging Video on Lesser-Used Social Media Platforms

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The heavy hitters of social media get all the attention, but they’re far from the only players in the game. Facebook (and its photogenic friend, Instagram), Twitter, and YouTube dominate online discussions, but what about the not-so-little guys in the shadows?

Sites like Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, and Pinterest offer plenty of opportunities for marketers savvy enough to spot it. True, these platforms are not as marketing friendly as the biggest sites, but that’s why they made this list. These sites have thriving, loyal user bases that are eager to reward great content with their undivided attention.

These smaller platforms also make it easy for brands to leverage the most effective weapon in their arsenal: video marketing. Video is everything in an online world stuffed to the brim with content. The companies with the best videos become overnight sensations, while those that ignore the power of visual media typically fade into the background.

By targeting lesser-known social media sites with high-quality video marketing, brands can achieve incredible ROI.

Check out these tips on which sites to target and how to make the most of each opportunity:

1. Reddit

If it exists, it’s probably on Reddit. As the “front page of the internet,” Reddit is filled with thousands of smaller communities called subreddits, which cover everything from the NFL to skin care. Subreddits can include topics as broad as world politics or as niche as unusual crimes committed in Florida.

Reddit users are especially sensitive to advertising, so don’t post overtly promotional videos and expect nice comments. Instead, pay attention to the preferences of the subreddit communities you want to target, and then participate in the conversation organically. Post videos with educational or entertainment value that don’t depend on promotional messaging to engage.

Reddit’s constant scroll of content makes it the ideal website to post GIFs. Take the most engaging part of your video, distill it into a 15-second GIF, and post it to your target community. If you want to engage multiple communities, be careful not to spam. Use Reddit’s cross-posting feature to make it clear that the content shares a central link.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is a bit like Twitter in that much of the community engagement depends on “reblogged” content and comments (akin to retweets). When a Tumblr user reblogs your video, that user’s followers see the video, too, as do the followers of anyone else who reblogs the reblogged post. Like Reddit users, Tumblr users form tight-knit communities around niche subjects.

Spend time familiarizing yourself with the culture around your brand or topic before diving in with videos on Tumblr. Nothing makes a brand look worse than reliance on an old meme or misuse of an inside joke.

Tumblr is another great place for GIFs, but it’s also a haven for still images, which are easy to reblog. Turn videos into slices of full videos, GIFs, and pictures to increase engagement. Include a user-generated component and encourage Tumblr users to reblog their favorite user content for extra fun.

3. Quora

Ask, and Quora will answer. When someone asks a question on the site, other users can vote the question to the top to make it more visible.

While not as reliant on visual content as the other sites in this list, Quora remains a great place for brands to use video to engage with users. Stay active on Quora forums, and answer user questions with educational videos about relevant topics. Any brand can type out a response, but companies that create short videos from subject matter experts (even when those videos do not advertise a product) can score big points.

Build up a reputation on Quora through video answers to boost your SEO. Stay abreast of trends by signing up for notifications on topics and questions close to your brand. Link Quora content on more popular channels, like Facebook, to increase the reach.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest users scroll through endless pages of images and videos, find their favorites, and “pin” them to personal boards (usually separated by topic) to view later. A Pinterest user might have one board for crafts, one for dessert recipes, and another for wedding venue inspiration.

Maximize your videos on Pinterest by getting specific about the reasons people should pin your video. What questions do you answer? In what categories would your content fit? Keep the visuals stunning to stand out from the crowd.

According to Pinterest, promoted how-to and story-based videos perform better than other promoted content. Users on this platform are especially picky about quality, so invest heavily in the visuals of Pinterest videos (especially in the first few seconds) to grab attention and keep it.

Facebook might be the king of social media, but it’s far from the only social platform worth using. Get familiar with these other social sites, and use these tips to make the most of your video marketing strategies.

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