Career Advice – 7 Steps To Prepare Yourself For A Career In Marketing

Are you looking to start your career in marketing? If you’re a new graduate, self-taught, or looking to change careers, these 7 tips will help you prepare yourself for your new marketing career.

Step 1 – Research!
Take this time and research what YOU want. There are so many aspects to marketing. Where does your passion lie? Digital, traditional, sales, visual merchandising, sports marketing? Do you want to work in an agency or on the client side? Do you specialize in design, content, SEO?

Step 2 – Research again!
Now, spend your time and research the companies, careers, and goals of the places you want to work. What kind of career paths do they offer? What sort of clients do they work with? Glassdoor offers a lot of resources to learn about the company culture.

Step 3 – Research a third time!
This time, research their products, their approach, their needs. The more you know about what the agency or company are looking for the better you can prepare yourself. What are their expectations of you? Who might you be interviewing with? (Linkedin is great for this)

Step 4 – Prepare your resume and application
Make sure you focus on what is relevant to the company you are applying to. What have you done that is important to them? Don’t focus on everything – narrow your focus to what matters
Spend time on your application. Your responses should be specific to the position and company

Step 5 – Follow up!
Companies get tons of applications. You can stand out by being a great candidate, but even great candidates get missed in the slew of applications. Follow up! Reach out. Be relentless. It’s always a no if you never fight for the yes.

Step 6 – Prepare for no
You’ll be told no a lot. That’s ok! Ask clarifying questions about why you were passed over and what you can do to become a better candidate in the future

Step 7 – Stay motivated!
You can do this. Educate yourself, refine your application and resume. Watch youtube videos, volunteer with nonprofits, help a friend start a business, start your own. Build a website, write a blog, try again!

By using a strategic approach to your career hunt you can help tilt the scales of success in your direction. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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