Don’t Call It a Comeback: Drip Campaigns Have Been Here for Years

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I know what you’re thinking: Drip campaigns? They’re about as relevant as Michael Bolton.

But here’s the thing about Michael Bolton: He’s always relevant!

Truth is, the concepts behind drip campaigns—sending communications to customers and prospects on a regular basis—remain as relevant today as ever. The difference is that marketing automation has made this process much more sophisticated.

Now, instead of scheduling the same series of emails to go to the same people on the same day each week, you can send your audience valuable personalized communications based on actions they took, content they engaged with, or segments they fit.

So, while the idea of traditional drip marketing may sound out of date, there are still plenty of key areas where it can come in handy.

Who should be using them? And when?

Great questions!

Email drip campaigns are perfect for new companies with few prospects or businesses with small marketing departments. They’re also ideal for marketers just starting out their careers.

That’s because they’re generally cost-effective and easy to set up and run. They focus on what’s happening in the moment, so there’s limited long-term planning involved. And not many people are required to execute them.

Essentially, all you need to do is create communications, determine a cadence, and send out your messages. This gives you an opportunity to regularly connect with prospects and educate them enough to make a purchase.

Drip marketing can be particularly effective when you’re:

  • Reengaging a cold sales lead: Did a once-promising prospect suddenly abandon you at the one-yard line? Using a series of drip emails, you can educate them on how your product can help solve their problems, reinforce their desire to buy, and nudge them toward the end zone.
  • Providing thought leadership: Not quite sure what your prospects are interested in or where they are in the buying cycle? Staying in touch by providing always-on thought leadership content through an email drip campaign can help you get answers. Plus, it can make sure your brand stays top of mind for your prospects.
  • Delivering customer newsletters: Looking for more cross-sell and upsell opportunities? Drip emails—in the form of customer newsletters—can do the trick. By delivering fresh insights on an ongoing basis, you can highlight customer pain points and introduce readers to new products that can help them overcome their issues.

If nothing else, drip marketing offers your business a great way to regularly remind people why they connected with your brand in the first place.

What drip campaigns are all about

Regardless of how you use them, the most important thing to remember is that drip campaigns are all about building relationships and nurturing leads. To do that, your communications must provide constant value.

Your audience should trust that you’re going to deliver what you promised. Your messages should be relevant to your readers’ needs. The experiences you deliver should be consistent across multiple channels. And your campaigns should be continually tested and optimized so they pack the most punch.

Fail to do all of that and you’ll have to deal with “Unsubscribe” getting the most clicks in your emails.

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