How British luxury brands are bracing to beat Brexit

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British luxury brands are showing their resilience in the face of ongoing Brexit uncertainty by focusing on global growth, tapping into their authentic heritage and joining forces to support the wider community.

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As the Brexit saga rumbles on and the 31 October deadline looms large, businesses across the UK are negotiating how to operate in a time of real uncertainty. However, for British brands with homegrown supply chains, particularly in the luxury sector, the future holds some promise.

A combination of supply chain transparency and strong global appeal, coupled with the ability to tap into the growing ‘buy less, buy better’ trend, means British luxury businesses are showing their resilience in the face of Brexit.

The appreciation for ‘Made in England’ will not be diminished by Brexit argues James Fox, marketing director at Crockett & Jones, the Northampton-based fifth generation family-run British shoe manufacturer, which opened its doors in 1879.

“Crockett & Jones has managed its way through two world wars, four British monarchs and 35 prime ministers. We’ve been through joining forces with Europe when it was first formed and countless recessions, so we don’t mind adding Brexit to that list,” he laughs.

Being a family business focused on long-term strategy and product quality rather than short-term profits is a major reason why the company is still going strong after 140 years, says Fox.

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