Clubcard Plus: Tesco unveils next steps for loyalty scheme

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Tesco is introducing a subscription element to Clubcard as it looks to drive loyalty and boost customer lifetime value by bundling together its grocery, mobile and bank offerings.

tesco clubcardTesco is launching a subscription scheme centred around the big basket shop as it overhauls its Clubcard loyalty programme to better integrate its grocery, mobile and banking businesses.

Clubcard Plus, which will launch towards the end of the year, will cost £7.99 a month and offer customers 10% off two big shops worth up to £200 each in store every month (a saving of up to £40 a month). Alongside this, an “always on” 10% discount will be available on a selection of Tesco exclusive brands, including in clothing and homeware.

Clubcard Plus members will also be able to double their mobile data allowance at no extra cost, as well as apply for a Tesco bank credit card with no currency exchange fee. All of this will be available through the Clubcard app, which has grown its user base by 77% over the past year to 1.54 million.

“The objective is loyalty,” CEO Dave Lewis told Marketing Week at a press briefing today (2 October), hours after announcing his shock departure from the UK’s largest supermarket.

“The idea for us is how do we build lifetime customer value by enhancing loyalty and the big basket shop is the thing customers always talk to us about. Nobody else can do that, nobody else has that capability, so it will be very unique in a Tesco sense.”

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